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Exploring Philadelphia Beyond Histroy!

Publié par John Parker sur 22 Mars 2017, 14:38pm

Catégories : #Travel & Flight

What are the options in your mind other than historical sightseeing as you brace yourself for a holiday visit to Philadelphia? Now, while history is deeply steeped in the air of this city, one would surely like to go beyond this conventional image of Philadelphia.


So how about trying a Philly cheesesteak, stopping by a quirky art gallery, or giving a Rocky pose at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum and shopping at some upscale market? With several such options abound, we have come up with a travel list of the mesmerising options for all your travel needs. So here we go:
1. Mural Art Tour: With about 3000 murals painted across several buildings of Philadelphia, you may perhaps begin your visit here with this Mural Art tour. The tour gained prominence in the 1980s as an anti-graffiti push to channelise the talents of young graffiti artists in an appropriate manner.


Visitors could also opt for theme tours like Love Letters. You may look for other theme-based mural tours as you book your flight tickets to Philadelphia this holiday season. 

2. Philly Cheesesteak: These hot beef rolls are as savory as it gets. Pat’s Steaks, the original shop of the kind came up here in the 1930s and has been a tourist favorite. You may also head for Geno’s or Jim’s Cheesesteaks on South Street. With its 60 years of legacy, it has been a hearthrob of the locals 

3.Breakfast at Reading Terminal Market: Not quite far from the City Hall, Reading Terminal Market begins to bustle with tourists as the day wears on. This market sells freshly produced agri products and flowers and features numerous rows of food outlets. You may go for French crepes, Amish cakes, cheesesteaks and burgers here.
4. Rocky steps: One of the best things to do in Philadelphia would be to climb the “Rocky Steps” of the Philadelphia Museum and shout “Adrienne”! Your Rocky Balboa moment is all about making your trip quite memorable and exciting. This site offers some of the majestic views of this city.

So do carry a high definition camera to capture some brilliant memories. The meseum features Medieval cloisters and seperate sections for showcasing artworks from Asia, Europe and America. Do not forget to explore this museum as you book your return low-cost flight from Philadelphia to Dallas

5. Liberty Bell: Any visit to Philadelphia would be incomplete witout having to stop by this famous icon of this city. Its majesty goes beyond its historical significance and showcases the importance of the democratic values of the locals here.

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